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There are few better places to be a hungry sandwich lover right now than Washington, D.C. The trickle-down from the city’s burgeoning fine dining scene has brought with it a demand for better, fresher ingredients and more daring combinations of texture and flavor. Thanks to the district’s international diversity, a stunning range of ethnic variations are within easy reach. Although the relics of our less evolved age persist — downtown, for example, remains peppered with characterless chain shops — sandwich lovers in our nation’s capital are increasingly spoiled for choice.

Furthermore, armed with the newly updated and expanded EAS Sandwich Map of D.C., there is even less reason to settle for a mediocre lunch. Our map includes a wide variety of sandwich styles, at a range of price points, throughout the District’s four quadrants, all thoroughly vetted and endorsed by the Eat a Sandwich crew. Use the links below to see any previous coverage (or to visit the shop’s website if we haven’t gotten around to writing about them), and suggest additions in the comments!

Be better than Subway, my friends.

Bub and Pop’s
Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop
Carving Room
El Chucho Cocina Superior
DGS Delicatessen
Duke’s Grocery
Fast Gourmet
G Sandwich Shop
Glen’s Garden Market
Mangialardo & Sons Inc.
Neopol Savory Smokery
Pho 14
Pica Taco
Red Apron Butchery
Right Proper Brewing Co.
Sophie’s Cuban
Taylor Gourmet
Stachowski’s Market
Wagshal’s Delicatessen
White Apron Specialty Sandwiches
Woodward Takeout Food

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March 5, 2014


Great list. I would add

Fast Gourmet (chivito may be best sandwich in city, lots of other great options too in a gas station)

Deli City (M-F only, old school spot in NE)

Italian sandwiches at A Litteri and Mangialardo’s)

MGM Roast Beef (great roast beef sandwiches/diner food in spot behind Home Depot near RI Metro)

Breadline (not as good as used to, but still great sandwiches for lunch crowd)

G Street Food (also good sandwiches downtown)

In VA: Butcher’s Block in Alexandria, Earl’s Sandwiches in Courthouse, and all the banh mi shops in Seven Corners are tremendous (Banh Mi DC Sandwich if want to avoid crowds at the shopping center, Song Que or Nhu Lan if you don’t)

Mony, thanks for your comment! I love the Chivito, but I feel like I need to sample the menu a bit more before adding Fast Gourmet. (It’s the only sandwich I’ve had there.) I’ll definitely sink my teeth into your other reccos. I’m intrigued by G Street Food, as I think the Greek Deli (next door to G Street’s 19th Street location) is pretty overrated. Huge lunch lines, whereas G Street is near empty. I still haven’t decided whether to cover outside D.C., but banh mi is one of my favorite sandwiches; I need to make it out to Eden Center.

Haley, I need to try Mangialardo’s ASAP. I don’t make it down Cap Hill way often, thus the hole on my sandwich map. Thanks for the tip!

I read what you said about only getting a coveted spot on the map for having an extensive sandwich menu, however, Wisey’s in GTown has one sandwich that I feel worthy to shout about – the Stevie Wonder! Bear with me here, shredded beef, liquid cheese, and Jalapeño peppers on whole wheat bread served up with chips, pickle, and a slice of orange. Worth the $2 delivery fee every time!

Thanks, Caitlin! I’m hearing a lot of great things about Each Peach, The Dude in particular. I haven’t been yet, but it’s on my shortlist. Do you have a favorite sandwich there?

Honestly, I’m not sure. I get made fun of at my office for hating sandwiches, but I would argue that I actually love them, but have high standards. Each Peach met those, as did Glen’s Garden Market. Taylor is horrible, Po Boy (now closed) was an indulgent but uninteresting slap in the face with high fat intense flavors layered on each other and Bub and Pop’s has delicious and thoughtfully prepared ingredients, but I don’t think they do a good job of layering them onto the sandwich.

Ahhh, the curse of high standards. I know where you’re coming from. I agree totally on Bub and Pop’s, by the way. I’m a big stickler for tidiness, and those things are impossible to consume without a fork and no fewer than 12 napkins.