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Where to Eat in D.C.: The EAS Sandwich Map

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There are few better places to be a hungry sandwich lover right now than Washington, D.C. The trickle-down from the city’s burgeoning fine dining scene has brought with it a demand for better, fresher ingredients and more daring combinations of texture and flavor. Thanks to the district’s international diversity, a stunning range of ethnic variations are within easy reach. Although the relics of our less evolved age persist — downtown, for example, remains peppered with characterless chain shops — sandwich lovers in our nation’s capital are increasingly spoiled for choice. Continue reading

What is a Sandwich?

The Nobadeer from Jetties

The Nobadeer from Jetties

Sandwiches are pretty great, aren’t they? They possess qualities both practical and sentimental. They can be as simple or as complex as one’s heart desires, and they are capable of satisfying the tastes and preferences of even the most fastidious appetites. They’re so, so delicious.

If there’s one thing I like as much as sandwiches, it’s words. I dig how different people from different places and times use different words to describe the same thing. I also appreciate that despite these differences in vernacular and dialect, we usually figure out how to communicate without too much trouble.

When I started planning Eat a Sandwich, I had in my head a pretty solid idea of what I would and would not consider to be a “sandwich” for the purposes of our content. Most people enjoy the luxury of freedom from strict definitions of what is and is not a sandwich, but when writing a sandwich blog, some parameters become necessary. Sandwiches are incredibly versatile and diverse, but there must be limits: When does a sandwich stop being sandwich and become something else altogether? Continue reading

Thanksgiving Sandwiches in Our Nation’s Capital: A Random Sampling

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Giving thanks and spending time with loved ones are well and good. But if we’re being honest, Thanksgiving is all about the food, and more specifically, for me, it’s about the leftovers. If your family gatherings are anything like mine, Thanksgiving festivities are followed inevitably by a hungover Black Friday morning spent foraging through the kitchen for remnants of the previous day’s feast. If these scraps can be thrown together into the most convenient and least labor intensive unit of consumption ever imagined, all the better. Indeed, these day-after meals have featured some truly epic sandwich creations. Continue reading