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Is G Washington’s Best Sandwich Shop?

The Cubano Panino at G Sandwich Shop on 14th Street

The Cubano Panino at G Sandwich Shop on 14th Street

In sandwiches as in life, there is a fine line between expensive and overpriced. The threshold is different for different people, and locating it requires some calculus: How much is the best Italian sub you’ve ever had worth to you? Is it worth twice as much as the second-best Italian sub you’ve ever had?

At G, the 14th Street sandwich shop where the mean cost of the 13 non-breakfast sandwiches on the online menu is $11.90, an Italian sub will run you $13 — exactly 100% more than the adored G Man at Mangialardo & Sons in Southeast D.C. G has been open more than a year now; I’ve never fully embraced the place, and the lofty price point is a big reason why.

One thing that I’ve never questioned is the quality of the sandwiches. Continue reading

#PARTISANDWICHES: The Favorite Sandwiches of DC’s Politicos Revealed

The Classic Italian from A. Litteri’s, “the real Florida Ave market,” according to hizzoner Marion Barry.

In every corner of the world, Washington, D.C., is synonymous with politics. But as those of us who call the District home know all too well, the political drama and general dysfunction of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and the Capitol dome pale in comparison to those of our own city council and mayor’s office. Next week’s all-important primary elections will determine some of the individuals responsible for helping overcome critical challenges facing our largely prosperous city.

Imagine our outrage then that none of the reporters or moderators granted access to the candidates in the run-up to the election posed the one question each of these wannabes should, in our opinion, be forced to answer: What is your favorite sandwich in D.C.?

In a heroic effort to to provide the electorate the information it needs to make the right decisions in the voting booth, I spent the last few months intermittently harassing the candidates and incumbent councilmembers with this query via Twitter. The responses of those with the courage to reply are included here. Needless to say, the silence of the others speaks volumes. Continue reading

Where to Eat in D.C.: The EAS Sandwich Map

View the full map here.

There are few better places to be a hungry sandwich lover right now than Washington, D.C. The trickle-down from the city’s burgeoning fine dining scene has brought with it a demand for better, fresher ingredients and more daring combinations of texture and flavor. Thanks to the district’s international diversity, a stunning range of ethnic variations are within easy reach. Although the relics of our less evolved age persist — downtown, for example, remains peppered with characterless chain shops — sandwich lovers in our nation’s capital are increasingly spoiled for choice. Continue reading

Meatless September: The Spicy Mushroom Panino at G Sandwich Shop

Sauteed mushrooms, tallegio, arugula pesto and cherry pepper on pressed ciabatta

The Spicy Mushroom Panino: With tallegio, arugula pesto and cherry pepper on pressed ciabatta

G Sandwich Shop, which debuted on 14th Street to much fanfare in July, is not just any sandwich shop; it’s Mike Isabella’s sandwich shop. Nary an article trumpeting Italian-inspired spot’s opening — and there were many — failed to mention the former Top Chef contestant’s name in the first paragraph, if not the first sentence. Visit the website and you are commanded by a prominent sidebar graphic to “Buy Mike’s Book.” G’s Twitter handle is @GbyMikeIsabella. A seemingly tireless self-promoter, the dude is the Tyler Perry of D.C. chefs.

Fortunately for Isabella — and, more importantly, for me — the hype in this case is well justified. The menu at G is chocked full of tantalizing, Italian-inspired sandwiches ranging from the classic Chicken Parm to the more avante garde Spiced Baby Goat (an early crowd favorite). The beyond excellent Spicy Mushroom Panino, one of two meat-free options, features a mix of rough-chopped sautéed mushrooms paired with a generous ration of oozing Tallegio cheese, zesty arugula pesto and a powerful cherry pepper relish.    Continue reading