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The EAS Holiday Gift Guide 2013


Shop smart.

The halls are decked. Our gayest apparel is waiting to be donned. “Love, Actually” is airing on multiple channels simultaneously. Free Amazon Prime trials have been secured with yet more dummy Gmail accounts. It’s that time of year. Shopping season is upon us.

In the age of persona-based shopping guides and preference-tracking recommender modules, holiday gift giving is becoming something of a lost art. Call me old-fashioned, but I like to believe that you know better than an algorithm what’s the perfect gift for the person you’re buying for.

Nonetheless, there are limits to the amount of time we can spend pondering the perfect Earth-splitting, mic-dropping gift for every Ted, Doug and Herbert on our shopping lists. And while we at Eat a Sandwich have no clue what you should buy for newborn niece Madison or crotchety Uncle Linwood, we do know sandwiches. For the discriminating sandwich snob in your life, let our rundown of the best gifts for 2013 be your guide. Continue reading

Chain Reactions: The Turkey & Stuffing Sandwich from Così

The cult-classic returns.

“The cult-classic returns.” (?)

Rejoice! ‘Tis the season, ladies and gentlemen, that the deservedly revered Thanksgiving sandwich celebrates its all-too-brief moment of glory. We like to say that any great meal can make a great sandwich, but the traditional feast of turkey, stuff and cranberry sauce makes the translation to mobile form more naturally than most. The best examples of this most comforting of comfort sandwiches would be typically prepared in the kitchen of your ancestral home, on Black Friday, while nursing a hangover, but plenty of savvy professional sandwichmakers have taken to offering up their own interpretations, with varying levels of success.

Chief among these opportunists is the ubiquitous Così, whose “signature flatbread” sandwiches I’ve never been particularly fond of. Though the bread’s high crust-to-innard ratio results in a pleasant crunch, it adds little else to the overall sandwich package. And it’s the only bread you’ll find on this menu.

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