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Gulf Coasting: Pulled Pork at Snootie’s

Snootie's BBQ

“If you have a picky eater, they haven’t tried our pork yet.”

The folks behind Snootie’s BBQ are living the dream. From a brief conversation with the man who served me a delicious pulled pork sandwich, I gathered the following about their annual calendar: Halloween is their food truck’s final day of business in Sandusky, Ohio. Following that, the crew pulls up stakes and heads south to Tampa, where they set up shop through April at Bearss Groves near Lake Magdalene. I’ve had made many fruit and vegetable purchases at the Groves, a fairly extensive covered farmer’s market. I’ve also eaten many barbecue sandwiches at Snootie’s, and I further knew that they were native Ohioans, like me, from the hip, industrialized, Lake Erie side of the state. But I’d never really heard their “story,” so to speak, preferring for the last few years to grumble to myself how much I’d like to be living in Ohio during those months when Florida becomes a tropical inferno where the air itself exudes sweat, and to be here in Tampa when Ohio enters its annual ice age. Continue reading

Meatless September: Trigueros con Romesco at Pepe Food Truck

Trigueros con Romseco: Seared asparagus, romesco sauce, green onion, lettuce and sherry on ciabatta

Trigueros con Romseco: Seared asparagus, romesco, green onion, lettuce and sherry on ciabatta

If your favorite meal doesn’t already exist in sandwich form, it probably could. To me, of all the many reasons to love sandwiches, this is one of the most compelling. To illustrate what I mean, here’s an exercise: Think for a second of your favorite meal. Got it? Now, think of it tucked between two pieces of bread or layered inside a crusty baguette. Whether it’s a steak frites hoagie, steamed lobster roll, chicken nugget bánh mì or coq au vin on rye, I’ll bet you 10 pounds of ham your new imaginary sandwich looks delicious. (When you’re done reading, run to the kitchen and make one.)

Obviously, some meals translate more a bit naturally from plate to sandwich than others. Among the many tempting vegetarian dishes on the menu at Jaleo, the José Andrés-owned chain of Spanish tapas joints, is Trigueros con Romesco, a Catalan-inspired combination of seared asparagus on a bed of romesco sauce. I’ve never eaten the version at Jaleo (though it’s popular enough to have a Foodspotting page), and I might never have to. This thanks to whichever genius at Andrés’s ThinkFoodGroup had the brilliant idea to toss the whole thing on a beautiful ciabatta roll and start slinging it mobile-style through the window at Pepe Food Truck, which the group launched in early 2012. Continue reading