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Gulf Coasting: Datz’s Chicken and Waffle BLT


The Chicken and Waffle BLT… kind of.


“We don’t have that anymore.”

Heartbreak. The the last thing a questing diner wants to hear is exactly what I was told upon taking a seat at Datz and ordering the South Tampa gastro-deli’s Chicken and Waffle BLT. I know Datz, a popular destination among locals and visiting luminaries for brunch, sandwiches and inventive cocktails, regularly rotates items in and out of their menu. But considering the recent local fascination with chicken and waffles, not to mention the fact that mere moments before placing my order I had spotted one of the sandwiches being bussed through the dining area, I admit to being a little nonplussed. Why remove an item so obviously in demand?

Perhaps sensing my desperation, our server mercifully agreed to cobble one together by making several alterations to the Smokey and the Bird, substituting fried for smoked chicken and two waffle sections (not the ideally sized for this purpose) for a sourdough bun. Sigh. So it is. Continue reading

Stachowski’s Pastrami on Rye is More Than a Sandwich. It’s at Least Three Sandwiches.

Stachowski's PastramiStachowski’s Market and Deli has not yet celebrated its first anniversary, yet the Georgetown temple to meat radiates an old-school, no-frills cool that rightly suggests a much deeper pedigree. The deli’s namesake and talisman, Jamie Stachowski, is far from an unknown quantity in the District, having begun his career as a cook at Jean-Louis at the Watergate in the early 1980s. After stints in kitchens around D.C., L.A. and New York, Stachowski owned and operated the now-defunct K Street bistro Restaurant Kolumbia, and later developed an eponymous charcuterie line that prior to the Georgetown shop was available only at local farmers markets and specialty food shops. The guy’s been around, and judging by the meticulously presented products and tightly curated menu of behemoth sandwiches offered at the deli, his reputation as a ceaselessly driven perfectionist is well earned.

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