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E-Mails from Dad: The Western Breakfast Sandwich

Dad's Western breakfast sandwich.

For a few years in the late 60s and/or early 70s, my mom and dad lived in the desert town of Victorville, about an hour’s drive inland from Los Angeles. Although this entire period of my parents’ life is a bit of a mystery to me (based on the records I’ve since re-appropriated from their collection, I think they were listening to a lot of CCR and Janis Joplin), my father, who was a an Air Force meteorologist at the time, shares the occasional quaint anecdote.

This one is about a sandwich. Enjoy.

Hi John,

I just thought you might be interested in this picture and sandwich.

The background is Mom is always asking me if I want to have “breakfast for dinner.”  Me being my conservative self, I  would never eat breakfast any other time but the morning. However, I would consider having eggs cooked up in an omelet and served as a sandwich, specifically what I used to call a “Western.” Its origin for me was from when I was in the Air Force working a swing shift as forecaster on duty. The flight line snack bar served what they called a “Western” egg sandwich and it had Southwest seasonings, bacon, pepper, tomatoes, onions, a little chili powder, etc.

Anyway it served as my dinner then, and we revived it a few weeks ago and had this great fresh cut bread, grilled, mmmm……. good. Quite “tasty,” as [your nephew] Jackson used to say.

Thanks, Dad.

Gulf Coasting: Datz’s Chicken and Waffle BLT


The Chicken and Waffle BLT… kind of.


“We don’t have that anymore.”

Heartbreak. The the last thing a questing diner wants to hear is exactly what I was told upon taking a seat at Datz and ordering the South Tampa gastro-deli’s Chicken and Waffle BLT. I know Datz, a popular destination among locals and visiting luminaries for brunch, sandwiches and inventive cocktails, regularly rotates items in and out of their menu. But considering the recent local fascination with chicken and waffles, not to mention the fact that mere moments before placing my order I had spotted one of the sandwiches being bussed through the dining area, I admit to being a little nonplussed. Why remove an item so obviously in demand?

Perhaps sensing my desperation, our server mercifully agreed to cobble one together by making several alterations to the Smokey and the Bird, substituting fried for smoked chicken and two waffle sections (not the ideally sized for this purpose) for a sourdough bun. Sigh. So it is. Continue reading

On the State of Breakfast Sandwiches

I believe in breakfast. Always have. And though I have no idea whether it’s is the most important meal of the day, it’s questionably the most often neglected. As I wrote in my introduction to the September Sunrise Sandwich Spree, a month-long stunt I undertook to eat a different breakfast sandwich every morning of September, the practicalities and obligations of adulthood can present significant obstacles to a wholesome, pleasurable breakfast. Even when we can afford ourselves the rare luxury of early-day nourishment, we are too often limited in the time we can take, the money we can spend or the distance we can travel. An ideal breakfast is leisurely, indulgent and fulfilling; a more realistic breakfast is quick, cheap and convenient. It was therefore inevitable that the humble sandwich, in virtually limitless variation, would become a ubiquitous staple of the workingman’s breakfast. Or so I thought… Continue reading