Aramingo Avenue
Taylor Gourmet
Multiple locations
Weekdays from 8:00 a.m. at Dupont & Bethesda, weekends at all locations

When I began telling friends I was planning this month-long breakfast stunt, the number of recommendations I got for all other sandwich joints combined wasn’t half the number I got for Taylor Gourmet. To say the five-location chain of Philly-inspired sandwich shops has a fervent following would be an epic understatement. Instinctively skeptical of over-enthusiasm, I wasn’t completely sold until an acquaintance described the breakfast hoagies as “really awesome, with arugula and shit.” How can you argue with that kind of endorsement? Upon arriving at the recently-opened Dupont location, I was paralyzed briefly by the depth of the breakfast menu. Although I noticed only one sandwich with arugula (and none with ”shit”), the ingredients ranged from the predictable egg and sausage to the more inspired eggplant, broccoli rabe and caramelized onions. I settled on the workingman’s Aramingo Avenue, which comprises bacon, sausage, egg, hash browns and American cheese doused with house-made beer cheese sauce on a sesame seed roll. At the risk of sounding as possessed as the fanboys I once doubted, the Aramingo is a truly fantastic breakfast sandwich. It’s substantial but not heavy, and spicy but not overwhelming. Light eaters could easily make two meals of a Taylor hoagie, but I don’t recommend it. I’m already looking at the menu to decide what to try next.


September 7, 2012