Efficiency is my middle name. Killing two birds with one stone? My favorite hobby. And yet somehow the thought of combining sandwiches and high-proof spirits, two of my most beloved vices, never occurred to me.

Urban Daddy has the scoop on a new slate of booze-drizzled sandwiches from Salumè, a meat and sandwich shop in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood. Surryano ham with rye, mortadella with grappa, prosciutto with Scotch and soppressata with Cardamaro are among the offerings, with a healthy selection of non-alcoholic bites available for your teetotaling friends.

You might be thinking, as I was, that somewhere a Wylie Dufresne, mad scientist-type in a white lab coat had developed a new method of curing alcohol-infused meats. You could be forgiven for this misconception if you read the Urban Daddy article, which carries the somewhat misleading headline “Liquor-Infused Panini.” In reality, it sounds like the folks at Salumè just sort of douse your sandwich in hooch. And really, I’ve been doing that for years (albeit accidentally, usually after a long night at the bar, and almost always with Kentucky Tavern and PB&J).

I’ll reserve judgment until I actually make it to Salumè to sample the goods. In the meantime, I’ve got some Kamchatka and  Boar’s Head at home. Party time!

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August 7, 2012